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New Press Releases


Previous Press Releases

Artificial Intelligence supports future maritime simulator education and training

Pilots and VTS operators working together to improve maritime safety

German innovation giant Fraunhofer arrives in Turku

Virtual reality extension to bridge simulators gives new opportunities for training in critical situations

Change of watch at the helm of Aboa Mare

Ships are Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

In the Arctic Region, Special Skills are Needed in Emergency Situations

Sjösäkerhet kan förbättras med VR-teknologi

Autonoma fartyg, framtida ledarskap och digitalisering är aktuella samtalsämnen under årets Sjöfartsmässa

Maritime Fair 2019 is held at Aboa Mare Maritime Academy and Training Center

Study Autonomous Maritime Operations in Turku, application period 1-31 October 2018

Maritime theme award to Per-Olof Karlsson

Novia University of Applied Sciences, Aboa Mare and the Korea Institute of Maritime and Fisheries Technology enter into a Memorandum of Understanding

The 200th anniversary chronicle of the maritime academy, Aboa Mare, has been published

Aboa Mare has Provided the First Basic and Advanced Level IGF Course in Turku, Finland to ESL Shipping

Maersk Line meets Polar Code Deck Officer Training requirements through a series of tailor-made Ice Navigation courses by Aboa Mare in Finland

Aboa Mare and Norsepower start cooperation regarding the installation of Rotor Sails aboard Viking Line’s ship Viking Grace

Finnish Captain Patrik Norrgård describes the details of the dramatic rescue operation in the English Channel earlier this year

Carta Marina övningssjökortet har digitaliserats

KriSu 2017K, viranomaisten suuronnettomuusharjoitus Turussa

Frontex kouluttaa jäsenmaiden henkilöstöä Turussa

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