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BRM training - Bridge Resource Management course

STICS - Simulator Training in Critical Situations

The bridge resource management course is intended for experienced nautical officers and other persons with responsible duties in navigation work, e.g. pilots.

Duration of the course

The duration of the Bridge Resource Management (BRM) training course is 2-4 days.


Those wishing to enter this course should have experience in performing the tasks of an OOW and should be able to practice all usual tasks concerning standard navigational procedures and equipment. They should know about the functions and limitations of all navigational equipment on the bridge.


A trainee successfully completing this course will be able to recognize and manage different kinds of faults in the navigational equipment on the bridge. The course will affect the trainee’s attitude and lover his/her over-reliance on the navigational equipment. The trainee will also be prepared for man-over-board situations and confident with the emergency checklists used onboard. The trainee will recognize the importance of a good challenge and response environment on the bridge.

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