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Aboa Mare Maritime Academy
and Training Center

Aboa Mare maritime academy incorporates maritime education provided by two educational establishments, Novia University of Applied Sciences and Axxell. In addition, Aboa Mare offers continuing education for both professional seafarers and leisure boaters. Our students and course participants can undertake practical exercises using our state-of-the-art simulators, designed to replicate actual ship bridges and engine rooms. We also use our maritime expertise and simulation know-how for providing high quality R&D services.

Aboa Mare Training Center

Through Aboa Mare Training Center we offer a wide range of STCW training courses for professional seafarers as well as simulator-based training to shipping companies and authorities all over the world. We co-operate with companies like ABB, Wärtsilä as well as other maritime professionals from both Finland and abroad. We educate around 1.500 course participants yearly.

R&D Services

The maritime simulations and automation R&D team of the Novia University of Applied Sciences is mainly responsible for producing Aboa Mare’s R&D services. Some of the services, such as Port and Fairway studies, are also produced by Aboa Mare Ab. In addition, we are a part of the Fraunhofer´s family – the world´s largest applied research community. Through the Fraunhofer Innovation Platform for Smart Shipping, we provide versatile prototyping and testing services for the maritime industry. Depending on your needs, we will choose the right partner and implementation methods together.

Novia University of Applied Science´s automation and maritime simulation research team consists of multidisciplinary and agile expertise. The team combines the operational expertise of the maritime field, a deep understanding of safety and impact of human factors, with skills that focus on technology, digitalization and smart solutions.

Bachelor's or Master's Level Studies at
Novia UAS, Campus Aboa Mare

We offer both Bachelor’s and Master’s level degree programmes at Novia University of Applied Sciences, campus Aboa Mare.

In English you can study for the bachelor’s degrees:
Bachelor of Maritime Management, Captain and
Bachelor of Engineering, Maritime Technology.

In Swedish you can study for the bachelor’s degree:
Sjökapten (YH).

Our Master’s degree programmes in English are:
Master of Engineering/Master of Maritime Management and
Master of Engineering, Autonomous Maritime Operations.

Vocational Upper Secondary Education
and Training at Campus Aboa Mare

At Axxell you can study for a Watchkeeping Officer (Vaktstyrman) or Watchkeeping Engineer (Vaktmaskinmästare) degree in Swedish, but you can also improve your professional skills by participating in domestic traffic area courses in Swedish or Finnish, not leading to a degree.

Aboa Mare's Mission and Vision


To educate maritime officers and seafarers to know how and why

The education provided by Aboa Mare’s maritime academy gives seafarers the ability to be an efficient team player. Through close cooperation with the shipping industry, Aboa Mare is able to recognize training needs of the customer.

Simulation will enhance the knowing of how and the understanding of why.

Quality is a cornerstone of our existence. We see quality as an end-to-end process involving everyone in all aspects of our operations.


Aboa Mare develops and uses simulation and other efficient teaching methods,
enabling skill and knowledge assessment

Close cooperation with providers of simulation and maritime technology.

Deep cooperation between education and Research & Development.

Cooperation with Universities concerning skill and assessment development.


Aboa Mare is STCW audited by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre to provide STCW education and STCW training. Finnish maritime authorities Traficom has accredited us for pilotage training and examinations. Part of our education is audited by DNV ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 standards, which includes guarantees for quality, environment and working environment.



Riku Anttila

Head of Maritime Academy
and Training Center
+358 50 479 7056

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