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Our References

It is important for us to offer our customers the best possible training and an optimal training environment!

Aboa Mare Training Center provide a wide range of courses for professional seafarers as well as simulator-based training to shipping companies and authorities all over the world. We have cooperated for decades with the Coast Guard, the Border and Coast Guard Academy and the Naval Academy. We are a member of the European Coast Guard Functions Training Network. Most Finnish VTS operators are trained by Aboa Mare. We have also trained most Norwegian VTS operators.

Aboa Mare Maritime Academy (Novia, Axxell) is cooperating with many shipping companies through our onboard training network. All of our deck and engine students are guaranteed supervised onboard training on board Finnish and international ships in order to complete their maritime degree. We can offer our students training on board tug boats, sailing ships, passenger ships, container ships, bulk ships, tankers, RoPax ships, cruise ships and offshore ships.

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