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Productization & prototyping

We offer productization & prototyping at Aboa Mare. It means concept creation, real-life testing, and validation services so you can deliver safe and market-ready solution to your customers. We provide services like early software, hardware, and product testing based on simulation and mixed reality; rapid prototyping in VR and simulation, UI and UX testing; consultancy services from a promising prototype to a customized product.


With the unique combination of software and nautical expertise, we can develop and test your technology under realistic conditions with maritime professionals.

If you have a great idea to develop a certain maritime technology solution, we can help you to test it and make sure your potential product is matching market needs and demand before you will invest too many resources in developing actual MVP.

Our context specialists will cater virtual testing and validation/commissioning in a close-to-real environment (bridge simulators). Our research and development processes are built on industrial practices and standards, with the final product in mind. We use state-of-the-art interfaces, software development kits, and real data, so that the journey from a promising prototype to a customized product is swift and cost-efficient.

For example, our Ship bridge simulators are made of consoles and equipped with the same instrumentation found on real ships.

In addition to our own simulators, we have access to a network of 40 simulators globally (link to relevant FIP page) and can arrange real-life testing, for example port call, traffic, cargo flow, and other simulations.

Concept creation

If you do not have a concept yet but would like to provide technology/products within maritime, our experts can help you to create/develop concept from scratch to match market/customer needs. Previously we have been creating concepts for digital and smart maritime solutions.

Consultancy on early product development

We also provide consultancy and advisory services for both early and product development stages, where we can walk you through different steps/stages on how to transform promising prototype to a customized and market ready product.

We are deeply committed to sustainable development and have enjoyed working together with Aboa Mare to create and develop out ECO-driving concept.

Pasi RoosSafety and Traffic Director, Finferries

We are here to provide you R&D expertise so you can focus on business

Let’s discuss how we can help you!

Mirva Salokorpi

Research Manager,
Maritime Simulations
+358 44 762 3532

Cia Virkama

Research Assistant,
Maritime Simulations
+358 44 762 3181

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