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Maritime Simulators

Overview of Aboa Mare's Simulators in Turku

Aboa Mare has extensive facilities where students and course participants have unmatched opportunities for hands-on learning. We have state-of-the-art maritime simulators with real bridge equipment, classrooms, lounge areas and a café. We also have our own planetarium, used in the education of deck officers in the art of astronomical navigation.

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Ship Bridge Simulators

Our bridges are made of real consoles and equipped with real instrumentation, that you find onboard ships in real life. You can do your training with some of our existing ship models and sailing areas or you can request your own ship model(s) and area(s) to be tailor made by us to fit your needs. Aboa Mare’s maritime simulators are located in Turku.

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Maritime simulator - Sperry Marine, C bridge (Charlie)
Maritime simulators - engine room simulator

Technical Simulators

At Aboa Mare you find a complete engine control room (ECR) simulator as well as an ECR classroom simulator of type ERS 5000 Techsim by Transas. In our ECR simulator we are able to use ship models with different types of engines and equipment. We can offer models with medium speed diesel engines, slow speed diesel engines, diesel electric machinery and LNG!

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Additional Simulators

Are you in need of a study which cannot be carried out aboard a vessel?
The simulated environment of Aboa Mare provides excellent opportunities for research, testing, and product development. We also provide assistance in carrying out your studies as well as in finding sponsors and partners.

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