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Advanced Shiphandling Course

1-3 day course covering advanced training in shiphandling.

A trainee successfully completing the Aboa Mare advanced shiphandling course will have a thorough understanding of shiphandling theory. The trainee is able to manoeuvre ships in difficult conditions with or without tugboats, and has received training in difficult conditions with loss of manoeuvring systems and tugboats.

The advanced shiphandling course is intended for Masters, Chief Officers and experienced nautical officers and other persons with responsible duties in navigation work, such as pilots.

The complete Advanced shiphandling course comprises three different phases. Phase I provides basic training in shiphandling. Phase II offers advanced shiphandling in the simulator under difficult conditions, including the loss of systems and with tugboat assistance involved. Ship handling phase III includes simulator training on escort towing.

We tailor each course to match our customer’s needs.

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2 days


Project specific


Aboa Mare Maritime Academy and Training Center. Turku, Finland

Training method

Theory lessons and simulator exercises

Upon completing this training,
the participant will

  • Understand manouvre theory and practical limitations in fairway and port opearations
  • Be familiar with fairway and port regulations
  • Know how to use tug(s)
  • Be prepared to manoeuvre and handle a ship in all conditions in rivers, estuaries and restricted waters, berthing and unberthing under various conditions of wind, tide and current with or without tugs
  • Be able to lead and manage manouvering the ship in fairways and port areas with or without tug assistance 
  • Manage manouvering the ship in fairways and port areas with or without tug assistance during winter conditions
  • Advanced planning and ship handling in narrow part of fairways when berthing and unberthing including the reduction in under keel clearance caused by squat, rolling and pitching 
  • Understanding effects of weather  
  • How to plan and prepare for berthing and unberthing  
  • How to use different type of propulsion during berthing and unberthing 
  • Safe operation with tug(s) assistance when berthing and unberthing
  • Lead and manage emergency situations during IBS malfunctions onboard 
  • Pollution prevention 
  • Regulatory framework 
Course code
Course titleAdvanced Shiphandling
Student profileMasters, Chief Officers and Pilots. Officers and experienced nautical Officers and other persons with responsible duties in navigation work.
Course languageEnglish
Training methodTheory lessons and simulator exercises
Duration2 day course
Other approvalsIMO STCW

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