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Medical Care Person-In-Charge Course


The Medical Care Person-In-Charge Course is intended for ships’ officers in charge of medical care and for seafarers responsible for the ship pharmacy. The aim is to provide the trainees with basic skills and knowledge to give first aid in case of an illness or various kinds of accidents onboard.

Furthermore, the trainees familiarise themselves with the contents of the ship pharmacy and with how to use pharmaceutical products, consult a doctor and use the MFAG (Medical First Aid Guide for Use in Accidents Involving Dangerous Goods) so that know how to use the medical equipment and medicines available onboard the vessel upon a doctor’s advice. The trainees know how to maintain a ship pharmacy and how to write the necessary documentation and case record in accordance with valid regulations. Special attention is also paid to the promotion of the trainees’ own health and to the prevention of accidents.

Content of the course

Furthermore, the aim of the Medical Care Person-In-Charge Course is that the trainee is familiar with the most common acute symptoms of an illness or injury requiring care. Moreover, the trainee knows how to examine a sick or injured person onboard a vessel and how to describe the situation and consult a doctor. The trainee is able to implement the medical advice he/she has received with reference to the medical care onboard the vessel and is able to use medicines and medical equipment available in the ship pharmacy. The trainee knows how to work in an aseptic manner and perform the necessary medical measures onboard the vessel.

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