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IGF Code Simulator Training

The 5-day IGF simulator training corresponds to 30 days of seagoing experience required by STCW.
The training includes 2 of the 3 required bunkering operations.

Aboa Mare´s IGF combined (basic +advanced) course is a prerequisite for our IGF Simulator course. The IGF Code simulator training is approved by the Finnish Maritime Authorities (Traficom). This training is delivered by Aboa Mare in cooperation with Wärtsilä Land and Sea Academy.

IGF Code Simulator Training leaflet

Equipment used during the course:

  • Desktop bunker simulators
  • Bunker simulator
  • GVU simulator
  • LNG fueled ship ECR simulator
  • Training: full scale GVU, dual fuel engine
  • Dual fuel process simulator

Some of the course subjects:

  • Different modes in gas fueled engines and how to change between gas and diesel mode
  • Bunker procedures and checklists
  • Preparation procedures
  • Safety procedures
  • Principle of LNG storing onboard
  • Inerting and ventilation systems
  • Connecting a LNG bunker line.
  • GVU components
  • Fault scenarios
  • Engine gas supply
  • Overhauling the cylinder head and gas valves of the engine
  • Familiarization to dual fuel engine automation

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