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Sustainable Shipping Course

The Sustainable Shipping course will provide the participants with knowledge of sustainable development and its application on shipping.




16 hours


EUR 500,00 VAT 0%



Training method

Remote learning through our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

Upon completing this training,
the participant will

  • Understand current and future IMO and EU regulations
  • Be familiar with technical and carbon neutral solutions
  • Know how to operate ships in a sustainable way
  • Be prepared to adopt new attitudes and affect company culture to achieve future goals
  • Be able to implement new regulations in the everyday operations
  • What is sustainability
  • Global warming due to CO2 emissions
  • Other air pollution
  • Contamination of water & protecting the oceans
  • Energy transition, renewable energy
  • Urban development and mobility
  • Extreme meteorological phenomena
  • Sustainability impact of shipping, finding emission data
  • Regulatory framework in shipping: IMO, EU, local
  • IMO goals for 2030 and 2050
  • EU goals for shipping sustainability
  • Drop-in technical solutions to reduce impact of shipping
  • Retrofit and newbuilding technical solutions
  • Other ways to improve sustainability
  • The Sustainable Shipping course is a result of the cooperation between Aboa Mare and Novia University of Applied Sciences’ lecturers and R&D personnel
  • All instructors have extensive and broad knowledge and hands-on experience from the maritime sector and in sustainable shipping
  • We are specialized in simulator training and R&D projects to enhance safety and sustainability of Arctic shipping as well as shipping in other ice-covered waters
  • We have a long history of providing training courses for the maritime industry
Course titleSustainable Shipping
Student profileThe course is intended for all land and sea based personnel
Training personnelExperienced master mariners and chief engineers with deep knowledge of sustainability and its role in shipping from a wide range of R&D projects
EquipmentRequires computer with speakers & web browser
AssessmentIn the end of the course there is an online test
CertificationThose who pass the final test will get a course certificate
Individual courseYes

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