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Save fuel costs and improve sustainability!

Calculations during the Aboa Mare Ecotraining course show that participants can reach up to 3.6% savings in fuel consumption in coastal waters. 

Training Objective

The objective of the theoretical training is to provide the participants with knowledge of sustainable development and its application on shipping. The objective of the practical part is to provide information and instruction needed to operate a ship in a fuel-saving, energy-efficient and environmental-friendly way.

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16h online & 16h on-site simulator exercises


On request


Online & on-site at Aboa Mare in Turku, Finland

Training method

Online and on-site lectures and instruction are supported by training sessions in a full-mission simulator with additional eco-module for measuring fuel consumption and emissions to air.

Upon completing this training,
the participant will

  • understand the concept of sustainable development
  • be familiar with international regulations, tools and reporting systems
  • know how to operate a ship efficiently in an environmental-friendly way
  • be prepared to change the way the ship is operated
  • be able to lead and manage the operation of the ship considering the various sustainability issues
  • Sustainable development and climate change, WCED, UN SDGs, UNCED, UNFCCC, CBDR
  • IMO Strategy on reduction of GHG emissions from ships to 2050
  • International regulations, MARPOL Annex VI
  • Tools for energy efficiency, SEEMP, EEDI, EEOI
  • Emissions to air, SECA, NECA, DECA
  • Measuring, monitoring and reporting emissions, IMO DCS and EU MRV
  • Fuels and consumption, alternative fuels
  • Ship design for good fuel economy, ESDs
  • Engine design and development
  • Energy use and distribution
  • Hybrid and electric propulsion, fuel cells
  • Frequency converters
  • Voyage optimization
  • Trim and speed optimization
  • cutting edge eco-enabled simulator technology and top-notch instructors provide you with the best training experience available.
  • the workshop uses the extensive simulator equipment available at Aboa Mare consisting of 10 full mission simulator bridges.
  • Aboa Mare strives to keep on the forefront of sustainable development with IMO 2050 targets as guiding principle.
Course code
Course titleEcotraining
Student profileThe course is intended for navigational officers and office staff
PrerequisitesA trainee attending the course is required to fulfill minimum STCW II/1 requirements for officers in charge of a navigational watch.
Training personnelExperience master mariners with good knowledge of sustainable development and extensive simulator instructor experience
Course compliance
Equipment1) Requires computer with speakers & web browser.
2) Full mission bridge simulator
Assessment1) There is an online test and
2) a practical assessment in the simulator
CertificationEach participant that has completed the course successfully will be issued a certificate.
Individual courseNo
Course recognition by flag state

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