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Degree Programmes

Study for a Degree Programme at Aboa Mare

Aboa Mare incorporates maritime education provided by two educational establishments, Novia University of Applied Sciences and Axxell.

Novia University of Applied Sciences

You can study for a Bachelor’s or Master’s level degree at Novia University of Applied Sciences, Campus Aboa Mare. In Swedish you can study for the degree Sjökapten (YH). You can also study for a Bachelor’s degree in English: Bachelor of Maritime Management, Captain and Bachelor of Engineering, Maritime Technology. We also provide Master’s degrees in English: Master of Engineering/Master of Maritime Management and Master of Engineering, Autonomous Maritime Operations.

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Axxell offers vocational upper secondary education and training at campus Aboa Mare. You can study for a Watchkeeping Officer (vaktstyrman) or Watchkeeping Engineer (vaktmaskinmästare) degree in Swedish, but you can also improve your professional skills by participating in domestic traffic area courses in Swedish or Finnish, not leading to a degree.

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Onboard Training

Supervised onboard training is an essential part of the maritime studies at Aboa Mare.

All of our deck and engine students are guaranteed supervised onboard training on board Finnish and international ships in order to complete their maritime degree. Aboa Mare’s onboard training network has grown rapidly during the last years and is continuing to do so.

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