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Medical First Aid Provider Course


The Medical First Aid Provider Course is intended for seafarers designated to provide medical first aid. The aim is to provide the trainees with basic skills and knowledge to give first aid in case of an illness or various kinds of accidents onboard.

Furthermore, the trainees familiarise themselves with the contents of the ship pharmacy and with how to use pharmaceutical products, consult a doctor and use the MFAG (Medical First Aid Guide for Use in Accidents Involving Dangerous Goods) so that know how to use the medical equipment and medicines available onboard the vessel. Special attention is also paid to the promotion of the trainees’ own health and to the prevention of accidents.

Content of the course

The Medical First Aid Provider Course consists of both theory and practical exercises. In addition to the first aid given when encountering the most common cases of illness and accidents, the course includes examination of the person who has fallen ill or been injured and learning how to describe the situation. Furthermore, the course deals with assessing the need of help, hygiene, aseptics and containing the spread of diseases. Moreover, basic resuscitation and the use of a defibrillator are cover on the Medical First Aid Provider Course as are the first aid in the case of a spinal injury, injuries caused by heath or cold, fractures and poisonings.

Upcoming Medical First Aid Provider Course

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