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Master of Engineering/
Master of Maritime Management

Maritime Management


This Master’s degree programme is for those who are active within the maritime field and who wish to deepen their knowledge and become more attractive for different management duties within the maritime industry.

The programme has a special focus on building an overall understanding of the maritime field. The studies include management in general, maritime management and for the maritime industry distinctive financial and logistical features.

The target is to achieve state of the art competence and knowledge in the area of the programme.

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Field of study

Technology and Seafaring


2 years, 60 Credits



Application period

4–18 January 2023

Study Content

The Master’s degree programme in Maritime Management comprises 60 ECTS and the degree title is Master of Engineering or Master of Maritime Management, depending on your previous Bachelor’s degree.

The programme has a special focus concerning the management and business administration in maritime operations.

The studies include 6 courses of relevant subjects each of an extent of 5 credits. Following subjects are covered:

  • Studying in the master’s programme and introduction to Research and research methods
  • Management Accounting and Maritime Business
  • Financial Management and Maritime Business
  • Human Resources Management
  • The Shipping Business
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Thesis, 30 ECTS

Our working methods within the program ensure that you practice your project management and leadership skills and improve your professional communication skills in English.

The major part of the studies is conducted online, in combination with self-studies and team work. The thesis work is realised as a research and development project related to working life.

The studies are optimised for flexible learning and studying, parallel with fulltime employment ashore or at sea. The studies are arranged at site and online with the lecture materials, as well as the assignments to be completed online, in the system Moodle. The meetings are used for lecturing, working with assignments, problem solving, and keeping presentations.

We use Microsoft Teams for communication in the group, both students and teachers. For study administrative things the Peppi system is used. It is recommended but not mandatory for you during the studies to attend some sessions in person at campus.

It can namely also be good to meet and network with your peers and thesis supervisor. The lectures that take place on campus will be recorded. We meet on average two days a month. The thesis work is usually realized as a research and development project related to working life.

It is mandatory to visit Finland to show the student Admission the original certificates used in the application and to strengthen one’s personal identity.

Moving to Finland is not necessary for the studies. Moreover, such a thing would be something between Finnish Immigrations Service (Migri) and the student. It is recommended but not mandatory for you during the studies to attend some sessions in person at campus.


Under the Finnish legislation, a person who has completed a Master’s degree is qualified for posts or positions for which the qualification requirement is a second-cycle higher education degree. In some cases, the qualification requirement also includes the completion of studies in certain specified fields of study. The degree falls under the Article 11 of the Directive 2005/36/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the recognition of professional qualifications, level e.

Career opportunities

After completing the programme, you will be qualified to pursue a wide range of career opportunities. Graduates should be better suited for work within shipping companies, maritime authorities, ports, and a wide range of related organisations such as transport companies, maritime insurance companies, marine technology providers, education, and research. These fields have a constant need for employees, and the fast development within the maritime industry brings more opportunities with it.


Contact person

Thomas Finne

Head of Degree Programme

+358 44 762 3217

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