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International SAR Course

4-day course that gives course participants an introduction to Maritime Search and Rescue and trains the functions and tasks of an OSC (On-Scene Coordinator) in specific.

The course is based on the content of the 1974 IAMSAR Manual Vol. III and consists of both theoretical and simulator exercises.




4 days


Coming soon


Aboa Mare Maritime Academy Training Center. Turku, Finland

Training method

Classroom lectures, leadership exercises with full mission simulators, feedback discussions.

Upon completing this training,
the participant will

  • understand the current guidelines set in the IAMSAR Manual Vol. III (OSC)
  • know how to undertake the duties and responsibilities as an OSC and be able to lead as OSC within typical SAR-missions
  • be able to organize and lead constructive debriefing discussions
  • understand what teamwork skills are needed as a team leader or participant during SAR operations
PrerequisitesGood knowledge in Maritime English
Course complianceInternational Convention on Maritime Search and Rescue, 1979 and the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), 1974; IAMSAR Manual Vol. III
AssessmentKnowledge, competences and skills are assessed through hands-on training
CertificationEach participant that has completed the course successfully will be issued a certificate
Max/Min participants9 / 3

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