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Maritime Training Center

By choosing Aboa Mare, you:

  • can receive tailor-made training at Aboa Mare. The fact that e.g. newbuild bunkering checklists can be used during our IGF training program is highly appreciated.
  • can receive help with applications for Finnish CoP:s from Aboa Mare, which helps the shipping companies to save time and money.
  • receive training from a training center where the instructors cooperate with personnel from tech companies and therefore receive the newest information on the market.
  • are able to train your crew just before you sign on a newbuild. Similar customers often book following courses: Polar Code, IGF Code, ECDIS & bridge equipment and BRM&ERM training. All in one stop. The training can be conducted with the bridge equipment used on board (we have Wärtsilä, Sperry, Furuno, Transas and Consilium ship bridge simulators).

Upcoming courses

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Booking information

Aboa Mare sends the participants a course confirmation two weeks before the course starts. We do not invoice for the cancellation of the participation if the cancellation is done at least 14 days prior to the course start. Cancellations received 7-14 days prior to the course start will be subject to 50 % of the course fee.

Cancellations made later than that are subject to the course fee in full. The course invoices will be sent after the course has started.

In case of a lost course certificate we will charge 50 € for giving out a Certificate of attendance.

We provide a diversified training portfolio

We have a long history of co-operation with different authorities, not least with the Finnish Coast Guard. Our courses are audited by The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency, Traficom. We provide a diversified training portfolio, including basic and advanced ice navigation training in accordance with the Polar Code, as well as ice navigation training for Baltic ice conditions including ship handling in ice. Another frequently booked training programme is Aboa Mare´s IGF Code training programme. The programme consists of a basic & advanced IGF Code five day course (includes 1 day of practical IGF firefighting). Additionally, we offer an IGF Simulator – 5 day course. The IGF simulator course covers the required sea experience for an Advanced IGF CoP and 2 out of 3 required bunkerings.

State of the art simulation technology is used in training

In our simulators, the course participants can practise and solve different highly realistic scenarios. With the simulator interface we have developed, we can also generate technical faults to the real navigational instruments on the bridges. The simulation resources of Aboa Mare consist of 10 ship bridge simulators, desktop simulators, engine room simulator, VTS simulator and radio simulator (GMDSS). We can offer training on Wärtsilä NACOS Platinum, Sperry Marine, Furuno, Transas and Consilium ship bridge simulators. In order to be able to offer a wide range of courses and satisfy the requirements of our clients, we have a large network of experts on diverse fields within seafaring, able to teach a large variety of courses. All our instructors have extensive experience in shipping. Debriefing sessions after the exercises make it possible for course participants to discuss procedures and to get an understanding of varying ways to perform in challenging missions.

Course Contact Information

Thomas Friis
Training Director
+358 40 512 5480

Lena Forsman
Training Coordinator
+358 44 762 3129

Leif-Christian Östergård
Manager of Marketing and Sales
+358 44 762 3422


Aboa Mare serves individual seafarers by offering highly up-to-date courses.

Shipping Companies

The strongest asset of Aboa Mare is our ability to tailor-make courses for shipping companies. Please remember that Aboa Mare offers Training Need Analysis services, which can be used in order to find out your officers’ training needs. Contact us for more information and an offer.

Instructor Training

Aboa Mare has a long experience of training and simulation worldwide and we know what is required of good instructors. We can offer you instructor training which suits your training demands.

Domestic Traffic Area

Aboa Mare offers courses for the domestic traffic area. Courses leading to the Boatmaster’s certificate, the Skipper’s certificate for domestic service and the Engine attendant’s certificate are arranged in Espoo, Vaasa and Turku. Note! These courses can be arranged only in Swedish and Finnish.

Pilot Examination

Aboa Mare is authorised by Traficom to organise Pilot Examinations. Pilotage Exemption Certificates (PECs) are granted for specific fairways and specific vessels and Pilotage Licences are granted for specific fairways. Aboa Mare does not provide pilotage examinations after August 31st, 2023. Prior to this date, we provide pilotage examinations as before. More information on the requirements starting September 1st, 2023 is provided by Traficom.

Consultancy & Projects

Aboa Mare has participated in many interesting missions and most exciting projects. Aboa Mare has been consulted in connection with launching of simulator centres. We have also built simulator bridges which correspond to the clients’ own bridges. The aim of Aboa Mare is to take part in different projects that are useful for improving maritime training, safety at sea as well as to contribute to a sustainable environment.

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