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Women’s work stories & WISTA autumn networking event

Date: Thursday 23.8.2018 at 15:00

Place: Aboa Mare (Auriga Business Center, 2.floor, Juhana Herttuan Puistokatu 21, Turku)

A network event for #womenwhomovetheworld, and those interested in #maritimecreativity. Participants share work related experiences, and might get inspired of the experiences as well as how live illustration can be of help in one’s own organization.
Work related stories are facilitated by utilizing drama theatre, storytelling, and process writing by Janne Junttila and Anni Linko. Live illustrator Salla Lehtipuu makes the selected work related stories alive. Especially inspiring maritime innovation stories and multidisciplinary aha experiences welcomed! Participants also have the opportunity to get a tour of Aboa Mare simulators. 

WISTA’s (Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association) members register for this event in Wista’s own registration system, and others can send e-mail to project manager. A pre-task is involved, please check the event details from Facebook, or contact project manager Rita Rauvola - for further information about this event. 

The registration for the event is now closed. You may check for cancellations with -

Workshop language: Finnish (English facilitation available, if necessary)

Updated program & info will be updated to

Autumn 2018

There will be a few ONLINE workshops in September 2018. Follow the project on Facebook & LinkedIn to find out the latest event information.

Furthermore, do not hesitate to contact the project manager Rita Rauvola - to have suggestions of maritime challenges in your company or company network, or creative knowledge that could be piloted in the project.

In search for partners

Are you interested in the development of the IRM-Tool? Please contact project manager Rita Rauvola, -,

Are you a representative of the creative field and interested in developing your own concept through a workshop,
in which the content of is utilized in your own way?

Are you a representative of the maritime field? We will need test audience when developing the tool. The tool will consist of innovation theory and cases in a modern and inspiring way, so it will be of help to boost the organization’s innovation capabilities. Or, if you for example have concrete maritime challenges, you can provide them to be solved by artistic interventions.

Are you a student looking for a thesis subject? We have plenty of research questions to explore by the expertise of service design,
maritime management or in multidisciplinary groups.

Companies and supplier networks within maritime industry

IRM-Tool project encourages companies in maritime industries to bring up their innovation challenges to the project. We are inspired to grasp on concrete needs with the knowledge of creativity, service design, and media expertise. We are e.g. producing innovation themes & stories into interesting multimedia content to help companies to identify problems and solve them. With service design and creative methods we can match the themes and collaborate in multidisciplinary teams to find out new perspectives and learn new ways to innovate. Please contact the project manager - !


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Aboa Mare

Juhana Herttuan puistokatu 21, 20100 Turku, Finland