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”POSTPONED TO AUTUMN 2018 -New date & place updated soon!”

Workshop: Meriteollisuuden työtarinat visuaaliseksi
Work related stories discussed utilizing drama theatre, storytelling, process writing & drawing. Live illustrator makes the selected work related stories alive. Especially inspiring maritime innovation stories & multidisciplinary aha experiences welcomed!

A pre-task involved, please check the event details from Facebook, or contact project manager Rita Rauvola - for further information about this event.

Workshop language: Finnish (English facilitation available, if necessary)

Updated program & info will be updated to

Autumn 2018

There will be a few ONLINE workshops  & a kick-off workshop in September 2018. Other workshops still under process. Follow project on Facebook & LinkedIn to find out the latest event information.

Furthermore, do not hesitate to contact the project manager Rita Rauvola - to have suggestions of maritime challenges in your company or company network, or creative knowledge that could be piloted in the project.

In search for partners

Creative knowledge

Invitation to tender for designing and facilitating IRM innovation workshops with creative methods (in Finnish):

Invitation to tender

Please make a tender by 31st January 2018!

Companies and supplier networks within maritime industry

IRM-Tool project encourages companies in maritime industries to bring up their innovation challenges to the project. We are inspired to grasp on concrete needs with the knowledge of creativity, service design, and media expertise. We are e.g. producing innovation themes & stories into interesting multimedia content to help companies to identify problems and solve them. With service design and creative methods we can match the themes and collaborate in multidisciplinary teams to find out new perspectives and learn new ways to innovate. Please contact the project manager - !


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