Work package 1: Possibilities and Solutions of Smart Urban Ferries

Task 1.2. Concepts and Services of Smart Urban Waterway Traffic

Poijju –floating recreational platform

Poijju answers to the need for recreational services for the urban people and provides floating mobile platform that can be used for example as a Sauna, lodge or kiosk. Design gets its inspiration from buoy (poiju in Finnish), which floats freely in sympathetic angle, whereas materials are chosen to blend Poijju into surrounding Finnish environment. Poijju is designed to be sustainable, relatively service free and autonomous and features approx. 10m2 spaces for accommodate 10 persons. Concept is developed in Aalto University.

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Visualization of the Poijju concept (Pölönen & Hakulinen, 2017).

Layout of the Poijju concept (Pölönen & Hakulinen, 2017).

Example on intelligent booking and social community service for the Poijju (Pölönen & Hakulinen, 2017).

Intelligent mobile service for enhancing the archipelago accessibility

Concepts for facilitating the accessibility of the archipelago for recreational purposes were created in Aalto University. Aim of the research approach was to clarify the challenges of accessing archipelago from users, cities and service providers’ perspective. Lack of information, invisibility and incoherence of the provided services was discovered to be the bottleneck of extensive recreational use of approx. 500 islands of Helsinki and Espoo.

As a solution best practices for accessing to the archipelago and planning the travel was approached through participatory design process, which enhances the engagement of the different stakeholders in the concepting process. In order to deliver well functioning intelligent solutions for the mobility of the smart cities possibilities and implications of information and communications technology was examined. Research findings are demonstrated through a mobile service concept that gathers 25 waterborne transit operators and their services under one consistent online platform. Concept enhances the accessibility and usability of the archipelago as a recreational service for the citizens and tourists. It is shown that although technology and practices can be applied to different regions of the world the service content needs to be locally tailored. 

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Stakeholder map of the parties involved in the archipelago traveling in the Finnish Capital Region (Kruskopf, 2017).

Service blueprint of the intelligent archipelago traveling in the Finnish Capital Region (Kruskopf, 2017).

Example of the mobile service providing information about islands, services, transportation timetables and enables the ticket purchasing (Kruskopf, 2017).

Autonomous ferry concept for short distance transitions (Kruskopf, 2017).

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