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Aboa Mare offers Bachelor level education (Sea Captain and Marine Engineer) and Master level education (Master of Engineering / Master if Marine Technology, Maritime Management) at Novia University of Applied Sciences. 

Novia UAS acts along the Swedish-speaking parts of the Finnish coastline. With over 4 000 students and a staff of about 300, Novia is the largest Swedish-speaking university of applied sciences in Finland. High-class and state-of-the-art degree programs provide students with a proper platform for their future careers.

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Maritime Management

The education leads to a master mariner competency. The training fulfils the requirements set in the international Convention on the Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW Convention). 

The objective of the education is to train competent and versatile captains for the national, European and international traffic. The main tasks of a sea captain include being responsible for and maneuvering a vessel, and transporting cargo in such a way which is safe for both people and the environment. The education also offers bases for functioning in leading positions in land-based organizations within the maritime field 

The core studies cover the duties of deck officers. A large part of the education is realized through on-board training and the school’s simulator bridges. 

Content of studies:

  • Navigation
  • Seamanship
  • Ship Technology
  • Cargo handling
  • Radio communication

The studies are divided into three levels:

  1. Support Level (Watchman Deck) 

    After completing support level including practical training (after ~ 1 year) you can apply for the certificate of competence for Watchman Deck and after that it is possible to complete the rest of your practical training as a paid crew member.

  2. Operational Level (Watch Officer Deck) 

    After completing operational level including guided practical training (after an additional 2 years) you can apply for the certificate of competence for Watch Officer Deck. 

  3. Management Level (Captain) 
    To be able to apply for your certificate of competence as Master Mariner a student must complete their degree (Bachelor of Marine Technology) and gain work experience as Deck Officer on international trade ships. The certificate of competence (Masters License) is issued by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi).

Master's Degree Programme for Sea Captains and Marine Engineers

The new programme Master of Marine Technology, Maritime Management has started in the beginning of September 2017. The programme has a special focus on building an overall understanding of the maritime field. The studies include management in general, maritime management and for the maritime industry distinctive financial and logistical features.

Career prospects

After the studies, students will be able to work with leadership and management tasks within different organizations in the maritime sector. The studies provide students with advanced skills in management for different tasks within shipping companies and other related businesses.

Study in Turku

Turku is a student-friendly city with approximately 40 000 higher education students of which over 4 000 are international degree or exchange students. 
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Contacts for Novia

Petteri Niittymäki

Petteri Niittymäki

Head of Degree Programme,
Master Mariner, Swedish


+358 44 762 3400

Tony Karlsson

Tony Karlsson

Head of Degree Programme, Maritime Management


+358 44 762 3411

Esa Lapela

Esa Lapela

Head of Degree Programme,
Marine Technology


+358 44 762 3406

Peter Björkroth

Peter Björkroth

Master's Degree Programme,


+358 44 762 3404

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